Christian Joy: (Not Just a) Seamstress for the Band

(Header photo: Christian Joy, left, with Karen O, right.) Costume designer Christian Joy's clothes are not exactly what you'd find in an American Eagle or a JCPenney's. They're made of leather and plastic and all kinds of unconventional materials that are shimmery and day-glo They're beaded and feathered, draped with yarn and pounded with grommets... Continue Reading →

When a Rickety Oscillating Fan Just Isn’t Cutting It: A Playlist to Keep You Cool and Calm When the Summer Heat Gets Suffocating

I don't know about you, but around this point in the summer, I'm just done with it all. I'm done with sweating constantly (especially when it gathers on your upper lip. Like, ew, gross...). I'm done with the plethora of B.O. smells on my precious R train. I'm also done with water bugs (they're cockroaches... Continue Reading →

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