Julie & Hannah Discuss Their Strange, Unexplainable Love of Bon Jovi

My childhood friend Hannah and I decided to sit down and talk recently about the love we had, as 12- and 13-year-olds, of the band Bon Jovi. In the videos posted below, you'll learn the answers to such exciting questions as: - What item of furniture did we decoupage pictures of the band onto? -... Continue Reading →

I Challenged Myself to a 30-Day Music Challenge (Which Isn’t at All Sad, Right?)

I've seen people on social media take part in these 30-day music challenges before, but sadly no one has ever challenged me. So I challenged myself! Pathetic? Sure. Fun? Yep! Also, it turns out, the most challenging part of all of this was being allowed to pick only one song for each. Many of these... Continue Reading →

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